General F.A.Q.s

1. Do dancers need actual Irish dance shoes to get started?

No. Dancers are welcome to purchase "softshoes/ghillies" before the one month mark, but to get started dancers may start in their socks or soft soled dance shoes if they have them. Once the dancer reaches the one month mark Ms. DeeAnna will help them purchase the correct shoes. We also have second hand shoes in the studio, check with Ms. DeeAnna for sizes available.

2.Where can I buy shoes?

Our preferred shoes are Fays, but Rutherfords are also a good 2nd option. Suede soles are much easier for beginners to dance in versus the old school leather soles. Boys wear laceup jazz shoes.

3. What should dancers wear to class?

Dancers may wear the academy t-shirt with black shorts (or capri leggings in the winter) or a black t-shirt/tank top, poodle socks and softshoes. Dancers also need to secure their hair in a pony tail if their hair is long enough.​ No dangly earrings or necklaces, they are distracting and can be uncomfortable while dancing.

4. I've heard Irish Dance is expensive, is it?

Not with Toráin! Dancers heavily involved competitively can experience more cost, but at T.A.I.D. competition is purely elective, not required. We also do not have mandatory monthly workshops as some organizations do.


5. When is a good age for kids to start?

"Today years old"! Generally dancers can start at age 3, but it really depends on the individual child's ability to participate in a class setting. Some younger dancers need a little more time before they are ready to join a class.

6. Is it ever too late to start?

No! Our oldest dancer was 70. Each dancer's current fitness level and goals are individually taken into account, no one has to worry about the rigor being too intimidating as a beginner.

7. Do boys do Irish dance?


Yes! Originally all of the dance masters and teachers were men. Irish dance is a very masculine form of dance for boys, as can be seen in any of the Irish dance shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. We love having boys learn at the academy!

8. Do you have to be Irish to learn?

No, just like you don't have to be French to study Ballet. Irish dance has become very diverse and Irish dance schools


are on every single continent except Antarctica!

9. Why do dancers start in softshoes first?

Many reasons: to gain motor control and muscle conditioning before progressing to hard shoes while laying a strong


foundation. Learning the different rhythms and tune types is easier to master in softshoe first.

10. How do you pronounce "Toráin"?

It's pronounced "Torrin". Toráin comes from the Irish word Tor which means "lord/hero/champion" and is


the Gaelicized form of Ms. DeeAnna's maiden name.


If you have any questions not listed here please let us know, we're happy to help!