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Getting Started
Dress Code:
Irish softshoes (ghillies for girls / lace up jazz for boys) aren’t required to start classes, but will be required once a student reaches 1 month of classes. Students are encouraged to purchase Irish softshoes very soon after beginning classes for their comfort and protection. Students can initially use ballet or jazz shoes if available to get started. If not they can start in their socks, the priority is to be able to point and rise onto the balls of the feet unhindered.
Ladies wear a black tanktop/ t-shirt or the official academy t-shirt, with black shorts and poodle socks (offical Irish dance socks). They may wear black t-shirts/ academy shirts and capri leggings in winter. Gents wear black t-shirt and shorts with white socks. Poodle socks may be purchased locally at Bloom dancewear.
When students are ready to purchase shoes we recommend these vendors:

See Ms. DeeAnna for proper fitting, lacing and all other related shoe questions.
Female Costumes
Our performance costume consists of a headpiece, black performance skirt, poodle socks and sleeveless mock turtleneck leotard (summer) and black long sleeved leotard and tights (winter). Students will need this costume when they are ready to start performing. The skirt is purchased from Ms. DeeAnna, all other costume elements can be purchased locally at Bloom or KB.
Male Costumes
Boys and men will wear lace up jazz shoes without heels, and later with heels as they advance. Jazz shoes without heels can be sourced locally. Reel shoes with heels are purchased online. Beginner costume for boys consists of black t-shirt and shorts for outdoor performances, pants for indoor performances during the summer. Winter costuming is a black dress shirt and pants with a purple,green or white tie. 
The advanced costume consists of the same elements of the beginner costume but with a vest and tie in winter. Students will be advised when they are ready for these costume levels. See Ms. DeeAnna for all costume details.
Practice Music
Stephen Walker has fun, modern Irish dance music that we use in class. Here are links to his albums:
Android Google Playstore:
Apple Itunes:

Anton and Sully have some great music with slow AND trad speeds:

 Tempo magic pro is a fantastic app that can be used to precisely alter track speed to practice new material at a slower speed. It can be found here:

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